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Voltalia Announces The Start of Operations at The Carrière des Plaines Solar Plant in the Provence Alpes


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Voltalia, a global player in renewable energy, has announced that it has built a new solar power station in the Alleins area of France.


The Carriere des Plaines, an 8.16 megawatt solar power plant, is situated on the former site of a quarry in the municipality Alleins of the Bouches-du-Rhone district. This site has one of the most valuable solar deposits in France. The plant is composed of half crystalline and half concentrator solar panels. It also benefits from a 20-year electricity contract. It will produce enough electricity to supply the domestic needs of over 4,560 people.

The plant has a grazing arrangement that allows it to share the land with a local breeder of sheep in order to help the region develop.

Voltalia is a global player in the sector of renewable energy. The Group generates and sells electricity from the various sources it has, including solar, hydro, biomass, wind and hydraulic. Voltalia currently has more than 2GW of generating capacity and has a portfolio of projects in development with a total of 11.1GW.

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Voltalia also serves as a service provider, supporting its investors in renewable energy projects at every stage of the process, from design through operation and maintenance.

Voltalia is a leader in the corporate market. It offers a complete range of services, including green electricity, energy efficiency, and local production.

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