MSME Require Least Investment To Go Green: BEE


According to a senior official, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), small and medium-sized businesses are priority because they require minimal investment in order to transition to cleaner energy sources.


Abhay Bakre, Director General of BEE, praised MSMEs for their responsiveness, flexibility, high-skilled and low investment required to transition to green energies.


He stated that the MSME sector was a top priority for them and that whatever they do for it, would help India transition to clean energy.


World Resources Institute India (WRII), in association with Institute for Sustainable Communities, organized the conference.

India cannot achieve net-zero emission by 2070 without meeting the energy needs of its 63 million small- and medium-sized businesses. WRII CEO OP Agarwal stated that solutions for this sector would make them more competitive globally as multinational corporations continue to look to decarbonize their supply chains.

He emphasized the need to make this sector more competitive and profitable by pointing out the importance of a fair transition.

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This conference was also the culmination of a week-long launch by WRII, ISC and the government’s Technology Information Assessment Forecasting Council of the Innovative Clean Energy Technology Platform.

This platform is designed to foster clean technology innovation in India’s small-business sector. I-CET will focus on the technological problems faced by small businesses in particular clusters.

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