REC Partners with CEEW to Improve the Performance of DISCOMS


Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with REC Limited, a public finance company, to work together on activities to improve operational and financial sustainability of discoms. This includes holistic deployment of smart meters, strengthening of the power distribution networks, and improving service quality for electricity consumers.


Mr R. Lakshmanan, Executive director, RECL, and Mrs Arunabha Gosh, Chief Executive Officer, Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW), signed the MoU. CEEW and REC Ltd will work together to carry out primary and secondary research in support of discoms’ efforts to implement smart meters. CEEW’s research can also be used to improve service delivery and provide a positive customer experience.


R. Lakshmanan (Executive Director, REC), commented on the partnership. He said that the partnership provided a framework for future collaboration projects that could help discoms improve their performance and reduce their financial losses. CEEW will be a knowledge partner of REC in the implementation and development of the RDS program. We also plan to build discoms’ capacities to conduct evidence-based research.

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CEEW CEO Dr Arunabha Gosh said that she was delighted to sign the MoU with REC. She also stated, “We will collaborate in many ways, including technology and digitalisation to improve India’s power sector efficiency.” Smart meters are a key policy imperative. They will help improve the financials and operational efficiency in distribution companies. India’s energy transition won’t be as smooth and sustainable if there are no financially viable discoms. Through on-ground research, evidence-based policymaking and field research, we will be able to support India’s ongoing power sector transition.

The MoU will allow the parties to examine best practices and regulations regarding the operation, management, and use smart metering infrastructure. They will also collaborate to develop and evaluate new strategies to increase operational efficiencies, financial sustainability, and profitability of DISCOMs.

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