Israel Approves The Rules And Provisions For Utilizing Renewable Electricity Power Plants Built By Industries

Announcement of the approval of the rules and provisions for utilizing from renewable electricity power plants built by industries

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The Minister of Energy announced the rules and provisions to utilize renewable electricity power plants built by industries as self-supply.


According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of Satba: In order to accelerate the development of renewable and clean power plants and to make maximum use of existing capacities for helping to eliminate the problems caused by the lack of electricity generation during peak hours, the Minister of Energy declared the rules and criteria for benefiting renewable electricity power plants built by industries and investors as self-supply to Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization (SATBA), Electricity Generation Management Company and Iran Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Management Company (Tavanir).

According to this approval, SATBA is responsible to issue a construction permit to the applicant industries that intend to supply all or part of the required electricity through the construction of renewable and clean power plants.

Due to this announcement, Satba in cooperation with Tavanir should proceed in the format of a trilateral agreement among Satba, Tavanir and the applicant for the construction of the power plant and formulate the contract according to the approval. Meanwhile, the supervision of good execution of this approval as well as compiling and communicating the procedures and methods were entrusted to Satba.

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According to the announcement, Tavanir is obliged to scrutinize the grid connection schemes within a week and, while approving and rendering the corrective points, make the necessary efforts to obtain a grid connection permit for power plants having a construction permit from the Satba.

In this announcement, Tavanir is responsible to make all the necessary arrangements for the transmission and convenient delivery of electricity to the subscribers at the place of consumption based on the power plant’s electricity generation.

Based on this, industries can construct renewable power plants in order to supply a part of the required electricity and receive sustainable energy through the national electricity grid equivalent to the unsustainable electricity generated by these power plants.

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