SOFARSOLAR Presents Latest Residential and C&I Product Innovations at Future Energy Show Vietnam 2022


SOFARSOLAR is a global leader in solar PV and energy storage solutions. It displayed its next-generation hybrid inverters and PV for residential and C&I applications at the Future Energy Show Vietnam 2022, Adora Center in Ho Chi Minh City. The SOFAR PowerAll, the company’s integrated solar storage system was a highlight.


The SOFAR powerAll includes an integrated PCU that can adjust the output voltage, current and balance the capacity between the different battery packs according the SOC of the respective battery modules. This intelligent residential storage system is modular in design and can be configured to fit different roofs, making it a perfect fit for Vietnam’s solar & storage market.


SOFARSOLAR’s newest products can be used in a variety of solar PV situations. The 3.3-12kW and 25-50kW three-phase inverters are compatible with large-format PV panels. The multi-MPPT design maximizes energy harvest and increases the user’s energy independence. For optimal performance, the three-phase hybrid inverter series of HYD 5K-20KTL-3PH offers a wide range of operating modes. The battery can be combined with the HV battery series GTX3000 to allow for flexible configuration of up to four units of parallel operation or 10 batteries in series. The battery system’s stacked design also saves time and money.

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Vietnam has a growing demand for renewable energy. As of January 4, 2021, it had more than 101,939 rooftop solar systems. The total installed capacity was over 9.4GW. Now, the Vietnamese government is focusing on infrastructure upgrades to ensure the development of new energy projects. “SOFARSOLAR’s innovative energy solutions offer economical and efficient energy systems in all solar-plus storage scenarios, further reducing Vietnamese investors in PV solar or energy storage systems,” said Mr. Dong Bo Head of SOFARSOLAR APAC.


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