Iran Inaugurates Its Largest Solar Panel Production Line Of 500 MW Capacity

The country's largest solar panel production line was inaugurated with the presence of the President and the Minister of Energy

The largest solar panel production line in Iran was put into operation with a capacity of 500 MW at Mana Energy Pak located in Khomein city in the presence of Ayatollah Raisi, the President, and Mr Mehrabian, the Minister of Energy.


The exploitation of this production line will bring an important opportunity to increase the capability of domestic construction and the self-reliance of the country in the implementation of solar power plants.


In order to increase the capability and self-reliance of the country, this company has various plans for the supply of domestic raw materials and the construction of solar energy chain equipment, which in case of finalizing the whole production cycle, couple of creating a suitable ground for supplying the required panels for solar power plants projects inside the country, Iran can export the solar power plant equipment in the region and play an effective role as well.


It should be noted that if the triple steps of this company (ingots and wafers, cells and solar panels) are completed, the production capacity of the equipment will reach 1500 MW per year and it will have the ability to create employment for 3 thousand people.

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