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ASLAG Expects P215 Million In Revenues For Its Third Solar Power Plant, ‘RASLAG-3’

ASLAG expects P215 million in revenues for its third venture plant

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18.011 MWp Raslag-3 Solar Power Plant Project in Pampanga of RASLAG CORP have started. This is ASLAG’s third operating solar power plant.

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Raslag 3 prompted the start of its testing and commissioning of its third solar project venture. This milestone commenced immediately after the receipt of Provisional Approval to Connect to energize as a Generator from the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP).

With the success of the energization, the said plant is now connected to the 69 kilo-Volt Transmission asset of NGCP that bridges the generated electricity produced from the panels. Even in its Testing and Commissioning stage, Raslag’s third venture solar project is being compensated as a price taker in the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market for its produced electricity.

This 18.011MWp added capacity doubles the current portfolio of the Company to 41.198MWp. With the anticipated full commercial operations of Raslag 3, the Company expects a 13.5 GWh sale with P71.7 million in revenue for the rest of the year, and P142.9 million in revenue in 2023. This is all assuming a WESM Settlement Price of P5.30/kWh.

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Given the national government’s call to increase the renewable energy target of 35% and reduce harmful gas emissions by 75% by 2030, the Company participates to help achieve a clean and sustainable future that will supply an equivalent of 16,200 residential customers, and stay intently true with our vision of lighting up the future with renewables.

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