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Sineng, One of the World’s Leading Inverter Producers, is Dedicated to Innovation in Inverter Design and Technology: Li Jianfei, CTO/VP, SINENG

Li Jianfei, CTO/VP, SINENG

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SolarQuarter India magazine got an exclusive opportunity to interview Li Jianfei, CTO/VP, SINENG and learned about the company’s last year’s performance, top growth markets, their customer support service and the different strategies adopted by the company for their diverse portfolio of central and string inverters.

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How was the last year for Sineng? Which were your top markets?

In the year 2021, Sineng was able to cater to the exponentially increasing demands due to the vigorous development of the global PV market, with the deployment of 3 manufacturing bases in China and India, with a total production capacity of 30GW annually. Sineng has shipped over 40GW worldwide, with products used in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South America etc. At Sineng, we are continuously expanding our international presence and beefing up the core business in the coming years. Our Spain branch in Europe and Dubai branch in MEA markets have been a part of our expansion plan. They have been operational since May 2021 in order to better serve local customers in terms after-sales service, collaboration, communication, etc. 

China and India, being our top markets are our focus. For consecutive years, Sineng has been ranked among the top 10 in global PV Inverter Market share by IHS Markit & Wood Mackenzie. We are leading in India with top recognition like Top 1 Central Inverter Supplier (Mercom India 2022), Top 2 Solar Inverter Supplier by Installed Capacity (Bridge to India 2022) and Top 2 Inverter Supplier by Shipments (JMK 2022). We will continue to work on the existing market share in these markets. We are also actively looking for opportunities in the US market and MEA regions.

What is your view on the opportunity and markets for hybrid and storage inverters in India?

India will produce more energy from solar and other renewable sources. India plans to achieve net-zero energy by 2070 with renewable energy representing 50% of total energy mix. Nearly 24GW of photovoltaic systems must be installed each year to achieve this goal. The total installed capacity for renewable energy in India is 105GW by January 2022. India is pursuing its ambitious goal to increase renewable energy capacity. ESS will play a major role in this pursuit. ESS is an important tool to combat intermittency, fluctuation, and loss of solar power, wind energy, and other renewables. It will encourage consumption and decrease abandonment of wind and sun power.

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Instabilities in the power supply are the main factors that impact the PV power generation system’s effect on the power grid. Without ESS, PV generation systems can have adverse effects on grid safety, stability, and profitability. They also tend to affect line power flow, power grid economic operation and dispatch. It is important to consider the impact of grid connections for PV plants, particularly in large-scale projects. A storage inverter is a good solution.

A large-scale storage inverter can be equipped with many working modes such as frequency modulation, system peak shaving, frequency module, planned tracking output and smooth output control. It also has smooth operation, economy, and smooth operation. Although different regions may have different energy storage needs, the overall PV + ESS operation strategy has three objectives. First, dispatch frequency modulation and peak shaving should be met, while the economic goal for optical storage power station should be met. Second, each mode should be assigned a reasonable priority based on actual needs. Third, it should allow seamless switching between multiple modes and coordinated operation.

The penetration of renewable energy has led to a significant increase in power generation. Renewable energy is responsible for approximately 13.8% of total power generation in China and in the US its 20% of total power consumption. There have been policies to encourage the use of chemical storage to generate renewable energy. The ESS percentage ranges from 5% to 20 percent and the duration is between 1 to 2 hours. This has aided in rapid growth of the ESS in the renewable power system. We are confident that India will follow a similar pattern.

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In India, you have a diverse portfolio of string and central inverters. What is the strategy for each category?

Sineng has been a leading player in India’s solar market for several years. This includes being ranked as the top 1 central inverter provider and the top 2 solar inverter suppliers, both in terms of shipments and installed capacity in 2021. Our cumulative Indian shipments have now exceeded 6GW.

Sineng, one of the world’s leading inverter producers, is dedicated to innovation in inverter design and technology. Inverter manufacturers face many challenges such as higher voltage, higher power, large block size, etc because of this constant pursuit of the lowest cost of ownership (LCOE). Sineng is always open to new innovations and modifications to address these challenges. Two-phase heat exchange ventilation to increase IP level, Power Line Communication(PLC) to reduce communication cable costs, and Intelligent IV-curve scanner for easy O&M were all applied. This ensures that the technology can meet the requirements of different application scenarios.

Sineng’s high-power central and string inverters have been specifically designed for India. They are highly efficient, protected and temperature resistant. The Sineng flagship inverter EP-3125HA-UD is a popular inverter in India’s utility PV plants. It has a high capacity, excellent performance, and greater reliability. The Sineng string inverters SP-250K -INH and SP-285K -INH were also used for Indian utility PV plants. Their performance has been excellent. The SP-275KINH inverter, which supports a 20A high-power PV module, is the first global 1500V string inverter. This will become the standard string inverter for more high-power PV modules.

The 3MW+ central and 200kW+ strings inverters will still be the mainstay for Indian utility PV plants in 2022. They have suitable block size, have mature technology, and are proven reliable. Sineng can also supply higher capacity inverters, such as a 4MW+ central and 300kW+ string Inverter, if the Indian market demands it.

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How important is after sales service to Sineng? Also, please brief us about your team size, process and key learning?

Sineng’s mission is to provide superior service to customers without generation loss, regardless of any fault or circumstance. To establish a partnership with customers, we have established a service network that is dedicated and organized with spare parts readily available throughout the year.

Sineng has developed a local service system since the beginning to provide quick responses and all-in-one assistance. We have now established four after-sales centres in India. Sineng has local engineers who work according to project needs. This reduces energy generation losses to a minimum. We are also hiring experienced engineers to continue improving our service team capabilities as Sineng’s installed capacity and sales have increased to almost 2-3 GW/year.

We also offer a hotline that is available 24/7 to help you resolve your issues quickly. If there are serious issues, Sineng Electric will send a service engineer to the location and fix the problem. Sineng Electric strives to meet all deadlines and fulfills commitments. We also ensure the best product performance. Sineng Electric continues to expand the market by offering optimized solutions that create more value for our customers around the world.

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