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Husk Power and Hotspot Collaborate to Take Telecommunications Infrastructure Net-Zero Using Solar Micro-Grids in Nigeria

Husk Power and Hotspot Collaborate to Take Telecommunications Infrastructure Net-Zero Using Solar Micro-Grids in Nigeria

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Clean energy services company Husk Power Systems and telecommunication service provider Hotspot Network Ltd. (HNL) have announced a partnership to boost rural electrification and digitalization in Nigeria. The companies are combining their smart solutions to transition mobile towers from diesel generation to solar along with bundling electricity and connectivity solutions for off-grid and weak-grid communities.

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The main objective of the new agreement between Husk and Hotspot Network is to bring telecoms infrastructure to net-zero in rural regions of Nigeria. HNL have already converted its 20 mobile towers from diesel to solar with the help of Husk. Both the companies are expected to complete around 100 projects by June 2023.  

According to Husk, Nigeria’s 25,000 telecom towers and their base transceiver stations (BTS) use around 1.25 million liters of diesels per day. If these towers are converted to solar power, then the project will avoid at least 50 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per tower annually.

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Husk Nigeria Country Director, Olu Aruike, commented, “By partnering with commercial and industrial businesses, we can speed up Nigeria’s C&I energy transition, and also open up more low carbon, modern services to drive economic opportunities where they didn’t previously exist. For Husk, reliable network coverage also enables us to better serve our customers, which is our ultimate mission.”

The two companies have started to introducing cost-effective energy and digital communications services to off-grid communities. Already two remote communities where Husk was operating solar micro-grids have got access to mobile service connection for the first time through Hotspot.

With the help of Husk, HNL is able to go zero carbon from design to installation, helping the company to reduce both capital and operational costs, accelerate their energy transition, and avoid the risks from global diesel price volatility. This will allow HNL to guarantee 100% clean energy service via solar to mobile and data customers.

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According to HNL’s Founder and Chief Executive, Morenikeji Aniye, the company focuses on digital inclusion of the rural communities which is a key to unlocking sustained economic growth. HNL aims to digitize rural communities and to strengthen their connection to the power grid through clean energy solutions, particularly solar. The new partnership with Husk supports their mission to digitize the off-grid communities more efficiently and sustainably.

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