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Hanersun’s Ultra-High Efficiency HITOUCH 6 Modules Will Soon Shine In Thailand

A file photo of Hanersun’s Ultra-High Efficiency HITOUCH 6 Modules Will Soon Shine in Thailand

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Hanersun HITOUCH 6 series module has attracted wide attention due to its superior cost-effective performance since it went on sale last year. This year, following the orders from Germany, Austria, Brazil and Greece, Hanersun received another 40MW order from Thailand in early June. Of which, 25MW of high-efficiency HITOUCH 6 modules will be installed in the quiet and refreshing Sa Kaeo Province, and 15.6MW will be used to promote the ecological and economic benefits in Phetchaburi Province, which owns vast mountains and forests.

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In order to achieve ultimate cost-effectiveness, the HITOUCH 6 series integrates a 210mm silicon wafer, combined with multi-busbar, half-cell technology, and high-density cell interconnect technology, increasing the module efficiency up to 21.6% and the maximum power output to 670W. It can effectively improve the overall efficiency of the system and greatly reduce the BOS cost. As an ideal choice for large ground-mounted solar plants, Hanersun HITOUCH 6 modules have maintained a stable shipment volume in overseas markets and have won the favour of customers from all over the world with its significant advantages of being super cost-effective.

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In response to this order from Thailand, Hanersun has completed the production and delivery times with flawless quality. Super Group, one of the largest investors of solar power plants in Thailand and Southeast Asia, has recognized Hanersun as their module supplier for the above two projects and said that the excellent performance and quality of HITOUCH 6 series modules, and reliable delivery process are their main reasons for choosing Hanersun. The two projects are scheduled to be commissioned in September and November respectively. In terms of providing modules, Hanersun has brought customers a satisfactory and efficient experience with a full range of high-quality services.

In this passionate summer, in beautiful sunny Thailand, Hanersun’s efficiency and enthusiasm will shine with its unique orange. Moreover, Hanersun will contribute to the sustainable development of the energy system and jointly protect the greenery of this tropical kingdom with local companies.

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