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Konkan Railway Invites Bids For 5 MW Solar Power Project Development

Konkan Railway Invites Bids For 5 MW Solar Power Project Development

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A request for proposals has been published by Konkan Railway Corporation for the construction of a 5 MW grid-connected ground-mounted solar installation. The tender is expected to cost a total of Rs. 26.62 crores. The cost of the tender has been fixed for 25 years at Rs. 3.10/kWh.

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The online proposal must be submitted by September 22, 2022, which will be opened on the same day.

An earnest money deposit of Rs. 14.8146/- lakhs will be required from each interested bidder.

The 25 kV, single-phase, 50 Hz transmission system at Murdeshwar of the Konkan Railway in Karnataka will receive solar electricity from this solar project for 25 years, along with the appropriate protective equipment. 

The scope of work for this 5 MW solar tender from Konkan Railway Corporation covers design and engineering, installation, procurement, supply, testing, and commissioning, as well as operation and maintenance (O&M).

To partake in the bidding, the bidder shall have received contractual payments totaling at least 150% of the advertised value of the offer in the 3 preceding financial years (FYs) and in the current FY up to the date of tender opening.

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A solar power producing system with a capacity of at least 10 kW must be supplied, installed, tested, and put into service for a bidder to be considered.

Further, during the past 7 years, the bidder had to complete one of the following tasks: 3 comparable projects that each cost at least 30% of the advertised tender value; 2 comparable projects that each cost at least 40% of the advertised tender value; or 1 comparable project that cost at least 60% of the advertised tender value.

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