Weziza Benin Installs Two Solar Mini-Grids to Serve 3,000 People in Benin


Weziza Benin, the subsidiary of Energicity Corp, announced the commissioning of two off-grid solar mini-systems in Benin. The newly installed systems provide clean electricity to 3,000 people and small businesses in Azovè municipality located in the Couffo department.


The solar mini-grids are the first of 20 installations funded by a grant from the Millennium Challenge Account Benin II (MCA-Benin II) program. The program is an initiative of the US government, through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), along with the Benin government.


Energicity, one of the leading solar mini-grid developers in West Africa, continues its operation in Benin. According to the company, Weziza Benin has passed an inspection process conducted by the Agency for Rural Electrification and Energy Management, Benin (ABERME) which was required for the installations of these two mini-grids.


In 2019, Weziza Benin was selected by the MCA-Benin II and the Benin government as a part of a competitive process to electrify rural households in the country. The company aims to electrify 40,000 people in Benin, mainly in the departments of Couffo, Zou, and Collines. In April this year, social impact investor Oikocredit provided a $1.4 million loan to Weziza Benin to support this goal.

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In addition to these two new solar-powered systems, the installation of 18 others will enable Benin to improve the rate of electricity access in rural areas of the country where only 18.2% of people have access to reliable electricity. These projects make it possible to reach areas not connected by the national power grid with clean and affordable electricity.

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