ANERT Tenders 2 MW Solar Power Projects At MILMA Dairy In Kerala

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A request for proposals for the installation and commissioning of 2 MW of grid-connected solar systems has been made by the Agency for New and Renewable Energy Research and Technology (ANERT). The project will be carried out at the dairy owned by the Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited (MILMA) in Ernakulam, Kerala. 


The deadline for proposal submissions is October 29, 2022, which will be opened on October 31.

The project will be developed using a capital expenditure approach. After obtaining the award letter, the project must be finished within 3 months. 

The winning bidder will also operate and maintain the project for the following 5 years and will also be in charge of metering and grid connection for solar installations.

Bidders are required to provide Rs. 500,000 as an earnest money deposit. The winning bidder has to submit performance security equal to 3% of the total contract value within 30 days of the project’s award. 

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Additionally, a bank guarantee worth Rs 10 million/MW of stated capacity is also required of the successful bidder; which will be refunded following the project’s commercial operation date.

Ground-mounted, carport-style, and floating solar arrays will all be a part of this solar energy project, which will be established in four clusters throughout the project’s full territory.

A carport structure will make up Cluster A of 200 kW capacity, and it will act as a parking area for staff members and guests coming to the MILMA dairy.

Ground-mounted solar projects have been planned for the B & C clusters, which will house most of the module arrangement. Together, these two clusters will have solar power installations totaling 1.78 MW.

Cluster D is a 25 kW floating solar installation that will be put in place on a pond inside the MILMA dairy and will serve as a demonstration.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy’s Approved List of Models and Manufacturers must be used for solar modules, which should be made in India. 

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A minimum of one grid-connected solar power project with a capacity of at least 1 MW and a total capacity of at least 5 MW, built and operational at least 6 months prior to the bid opening date, is required of bidders.

The minimum average annual revenue of the bidders must have been at least Rs 50 million in any 2 of the 5 fiscal years prior to the deadline for bid submission.

The net worth of the bidders must equal or exceed the amount determined at the rate of Rs. 40 million/MW of the specified capacity.

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