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India is Setting Up More Storage Manufacturing Capacities to Meet Challenges, Says R K Singh

R K Singh, Government of India
India is Setting Up More Storage Manufacturing Capacities to Meet Challenges, Says R K Singh

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R K Singh, Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), stated that renewable energy was not only a solution for climate change but also a viable alternative to fossil fuels.


This was said by the Minister at the inaugural session on new technologies for clean energies transition at the Fifth International Solar Alliance (ISA Assembly) Assembly in New Delhi.

He stated that renewable energy was the best option and that there are many ways to increase it. He raised concerns about the storage capacity and said that although it is costly, the government is increasing its storage manufacturing capacities to meet these challenges.

The Minister also called on the world leader in storage capacity to increase and stated that energy prices will automatically fall if the storage capacity is increased.

He said that in order to address these challenges, we must increase the production of renewable energy. The government is working to make this possible.

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At the event, Secretary of MNRE, Mr. Indu Shakthar Chaturvedi stated that international cooperation was essential in order to build resilient and diversified supply chains and cross-border trade in hydrogen technologies. This will help accelerate renewable energy around the world.

He stated that renewable energy is a rapidly changing area, and will experience rapid changes over the next several years.

According to the secretary, governments in all countries have done an outstanding job of promoting Renewable Energy as well as raising awareness about RE.

Dr. Ajay Mathur, DG, ISA said that Solar energy is increasingly becoming the preferred energy choice for a number of reasons including cost-competitiveness.

He said that India needed the right information to reach its leaders to speed up the pace. This conference is designed to provide that information.

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