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OREDA Requests Bids For Installing 9.71 MW Rooftop Solar Systems Across State

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Requests for Proposals (RfPs) have been issued by the Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency (OREDA) for the construction of 9.71 MW of rooftop solar systems on state-owned buildings.


November 21, 2022, is the final day for online bid submission. The bids will be unveiled the following day.

A maximum capacity allotment of 9.71 MW has been planned for by OREDA for this tender. However, the project is divided into three project groups.

Group A1 consists of seven government medical colleges and hospitals with a capacity of 3,176 kW. Group B1 and B2 include 17 sites each of District Headquarters Hospital – Central and South Region and Educational Institutions with a total capacity of 3,026 kW and 3,511 kW, respectively. 

The bids are being sought as part of Odisha’s ambition to develop solar power projects at institutions and government buildings around the state using the Renewable Energy Service Company (RESCO) model.

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A bidder must submit a bid security of Rs 500,000/MW of the specified capacity and can submit quotes for a minimum of one or all project groups.

Within 60 days after obtaining the letter of award, the winning bidder is required to provide performance security for each project group according to capacity at a cost of Rs. 500,000/MW.

Bidders must adhere to the MNRE/BIS technical standards for the equipment, and all PV plant components must meet the technical requirements outlined in the pertinent IS/IEC standards.

Additionally, anywhere in India over the previous 5 years, bidders must have expertise in setting up and commissioning rooftop solar power systems of above 1 MW using the RESCO model. 

The bidders’ net worth from the prior fiscal year shall not be less than Rs. 10 million/MW of the quoted capacity. Alternately, the bidder’s minimum average annual turnover for the previous 3 financial years shall not be less than Rs. 10 million/MW of the specified capacity.

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Financial criteria must be satisfied on a cumulative basis if a bidder is submitting a bid for two or more project groups. To do this, add the individual financial requirements for each project group the bidder is participating in.

Through these projects, OREDA hopes to assist the state DISCOMs and Grid Corporation of Odisha (GRIDCO) in meeting their solar power purchase obligations, reduce carbon emissions for a period of 25 years, create local jobs, and assist the institutions and departments in lowering their electricity costs.

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