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Eastern Railway Tenders Installation Of 3 MW Rooftop Solar Systems

Eastern Railway Tenders Installation Of 3 MW Rooftop Solar Systems

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The installation of a 3 MW on-grid rooftop solar power plant under the public-private partnership (PPP) model in various sites within the authority of SSE/E/G/BGP on a turnkey basis with the net metering facility has been put out to bid by Malda Division (Eastern Railway).


The online bid must be submitted by December 12, 2022, which will be opened on that day only at 12:30 pm.

Each prospective bidder will be required to pay a non-refundable tender document fee of Rs. 34,810, along with a non-refundable bid processing cost of Rs. 75,000/MW. 

Additionally, earnest money deposits of Rs. 1.68 million/MW are required from the winning bidder. Further, before signing the power purchase agreement (PPA) and after the letter of intent has been issued, the chosen bidder must provide a performance bank guarantee (PBG) of Rs. 1.602 million/MW.

The scope of work of this 3 MW solar tender includes installation, manufacture/procurement, design & engineering, testing, supply, and commissioning, as well as warranty obligations with thorough operation and maintenance.

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The solar-producing systems should be outfitted with an automated synchronization mechanism, however, those that use inverters shouldn’t be needed to have a separate synchronizing device because it is already present in the inverter.

The bidder must have a minimum average annual turnover of Rs. 15 million and their net worth should be positive, during the prior three fiscal years, as of the date that is at least seven days prior to the bid submission deadline.

Further, before the deadline for proposal submission, bidders must have developed or worked as an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor of rooftop solar systems with a minimum aggregate capacity of 200 KW.

Alternately, bidders must have prior experience as a developer or EPC contractor in the successful installation and commissioning of grid-connected solar systems with a minimum aggregate capacity of 1,000 KW in the social, residential, commercial, industrial, government, or any other sector.

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