Israel Launches Plan For Solar Electricity Generation In Agricultural Land

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Israel announced a plan for optimizing agricultural land by integrating solar electricity generation.


The plan costs 17 million shekels, or about $5 million. It includes over 130 pilot programs and will cover an area of approximately 2 square km, according to a joint statement by the energy and agriculture ministries.

These programs will involve facility deployment for solar power generation on agricultural plots in Israel using various technologies and crops.

According to the statement, research and development will be included in the programs, which will examine the impact of solar power on agricultural production.

According to the ministries, this plan is in response to a government decision to raise the target for electricity production from Israel’s renewable energy sources to 30% by 2030. It also maintains the output of profitable agricultural products and optimizes the use of the land.

They concluded that the transition to clean electricity generation was necessary to address the climate crisis, promote sustainable farming, and provide additional income to Israeli farmers.

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