Rajasthan Discoms Creates Online Land Registration Portal for Farmers

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Under the Saur Krishi Ajivika Yajna (SKAY) scheme, farmers can give their barren land on lease to set up solar plants, which would help them elevate their living standards. The new online portal will be a platform where farmers and landowners can register their land to give on lease.


The Rajasthan state’s distribution corporations (DISCOMs), have created an dedicated online portal for farmers to register their land to be leased for solar projects. To reach farmers, project developers can register on the portal.

This portal will facilitate farmers and developers to work together to obtain land for a solar plant. It should be located within 5km of 33/11 kV substations.

Rajasthan has created Saur Krishi Ajivika Yajna (SKAY), under Component C, the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthan Mahabhiyan (PM-KUSUM) to encourage decentralized solar project development at load centres with primarily agricultural consumption in rural areas.

SKAY aims to make the most of the state’s vast land resources. It allows farmers and landowners alike to lease their unutilized land on a predetermined lease basis to set up solar projects.

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DISCOMs identified 33/11kV substations that have a high number of agricultural users and have assessed the substation-wise solar potential that could be placed near them. The portal will contain a list of substations that have been identified and their capacity as well as other important data.

This portal allows interested parties to apply for land registration. The field office will verify the applications along with a joint survey of the land and any supporting documents. Once a wide connectivity diagram has been drawn from the land to substation, the DISCOMs will issue tenders to select RESCO developers to put up solar projects.

The selected developers will be eligible for central financial aid (CFA) from Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). DISCOMs will obtain the power at the levelized tariff discovered for 25 years.

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