Huawei Technologies Sdn Bhd Signs Agreement With Progressture Power And JJ-LAPP

Huawei Technologies Sdn Bhd Signs Agreement With Progressture Power And JJ-LAPP

Huawei Technologies Sdn Bhd signed an agreement with Progressture Power Sdn Bhd as well as JJ-LAPP Sdn Bhd to support the latter’s venture in solar energy.


This venture will aid in the development of projects in green information and communication technology (ICT infrastructure), renewable energy, energy savings, and emission reductions, to jointly accelerate Malaysia’s green digital transformation.


Huawei claims that the MoU will make it and JJ-Lapp the preferred partners in the search for cleantech solutions. It also positions Progressture Solar as a key service provider, with the shared goal of helping local and multinational businesses transition to net-zero carbon emissions.


The company stated that the partnership between the companies will be the best solution for digital energy transitions for clients, particularly for industrial and commercial customers.


Progressture Solar and this partnership will make significant investments in the acquisition and development of clean energy assets such as solar photovoltaics systems for businesses, electric vehicle charging network solutions, battery energy storage systems, and green data center facilities.

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JJ-LAPP will also be Progressture Solar’s product partner, providing green products and solutions for C&I clients. Huawei will use its global ICT solutions provider expertise to build and equip the technical infrastructure of the tripartite venture.

Chong Chern Peng, vice president of Huawei Malaysia’s digital power business group, stated that the partnership will enable it to deliver solutions that meet customers’ expectations. The two companies share a common vision to create powerful solutions that are more sustainable and green as part of the energy transitions.

Chong stated in a statement that “Over the long-term, with a strong portfolio of solar projects we will be able to establish a regular income stream.”

Ng Yew Weng, Progressture Solar’s co-founder, stated that businesses will now be held to environmental standards at both the local and global levels, including Scope 2 emissions and Scope 3.

“Many people struggle to know where and how to begin their sustainability journey, as well as being able to meet their commitments.”

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“This partnership opens up a vast path for us to provide more robust, comprehensive, and clean energy solutions, including solar PV systems, EV charging, BESS, and green data centers. These solutions allow businesses to seamlessly transition to clean energy, reduce carbon emissions, improve their corporate governance, and eventually move to a greener economy.

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