Adani Electricity Mumbai Invites Bids for 1500 MW of Round-the-Clock Power Procurement


Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd (AEML) invites long term bids for the procurement of 1500 MW (750 MW + additional 750 MW under green shoe option) of power from grid connected renewable energy (RE) power projects, complemented with firm power from any other source in India on Round the Clock (RTC) basis through competitive bidding process.


February 1, 2023 is the final date to submit the bids, the bids opening date will be February 3.


The projects will be on built, owned, and operate basis. As a document processing fee, bidders must submit Rs 300,000.00 + 18% GST per project. As an earnest money deposit, they must also submit Rs 500,000/MW for each project. The performance bank guarantee will be of Rs 1 million per project.


AEML will sign a ten-year agreement with the chosen bidder.


The minimum project capacity for each project must be 50 MW, and the maximum must be 1,500 MW.

Developers will need to provide renewable power, complemented by firm power from other sources, at least 90% of which must be available annually. They must also be available at least 90% during peak hours and maintain a minimum of 90% availability each month for at least 11 months.

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For the above-mentioned power supply, the developer may also combine energy storage systems with renewable projects. Developers will need to provide at least 51% of annual energy from renewable sources including energy storage system.

This tender will not consider projects that have been commissioned. Renewable energy projects that are under construction or not yet commissioned, will not be considered. However, they will be accepted if they have not been previously accepted under any central or state program.

The Revised List of Manufacturers should include the wind turbine models, while the Approved List of Manufacturers should include the solar modules.

Bidders must have a net worth of at least Rs 15 Million per MW of the quoted capacity, as of the end of the previous financial years.

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