Netline Is Designing Solar Projects For The Zero-Carbon City Of Saudi Arabia

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Officials from Netline, a Pakistani provider of critical power and energy solutions, is currently designing solar projects for the zero-carbon city Saudi Arabia intends to build in NEOM.


As part of Vision 2030 reform, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has announced plans to establish the $500-billion NEOM zone. This is in order to diversify Saudi Arabia’s economy from oil. Saudi Arabia, which is the largest crude oil exporter in the world, wants to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by zero by 2060.


The Zero-carbon city at NEOM, also known as “The Line”, would be 170 km long and could house a million people in “carbon-positive urban development powered by 100% renewable energy.”


Umair Zavary (group director, Netline Group of Companies), stated that the energy required to power NEOM was around 20 GW.


“We have partnered with various companies, which are contractors to NEOM for backend consulting, designing, and auditing the project from Pakistan, under an agreement that we signed last month.”

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Zavary stated that the company initially purchased a $3 million project for the design of NEOM’s electric system.

Netline, a family-owned company in the power and energy sector, has recently secured Series A financing at a valuation of $4.5 million. Although the amount was not disclosed, Netline’s director stated that it would significantly support the expansion of a footprint in Saudi Arabian and UAE where an office is already established for global outreach to supply chain partners.

Zavary stated that in February next year, “we are going to Riyadh for growth and to look for more partners, opportunities, and other opportunities.” He expressed hope that Pakistani engineers, and experts, would also visit the Kingdom to install the next phase.

Netline has installed solar systems in over 400 locations throughout the country with a capacity of more than 10 MW.

Now, the company plans to use its funding to expand and establish offices in other parts, increase manpower, set up charging points for electric cars, and begin solar panel manufacturing in Pakistan.

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Uzair Zavary, another director of the group, stated that the company plans to begin production of solar panels by the third quarter or fourth of the following year, 2023 at an estimated cost of $3.5 million in its first phase.

He said that the company will produce 180 MW solar panels as part of a joint venture with a Turkish company, for which manufacturing facilities were acquired in the outskirts Islamabad.

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