Eastern Railways Tenders 1.5 MW Rooftop Solar System Installations In West Bengal

Eastern Railways Tenders 1.5 MW Rooftop Solar System Installations In West Bengal

The Eastern Railway has issued an invitation for bids for the installation of 1.9 MW of grid-connected rooftop solar systems, with an estimated project cost of Rs, 67.42 million, at various locations in the Sealdah Division of West Bengal.


The last date for submitting proposals is January 24, 2023, which will be revealed on that day only.


Each bidder is required to provide Rs. 487,100 as an earnest money deposit.


The project must be finished within a year of getting the work order. Any location must have a minimum installed capacity of 10 kW.


Designing, installing, manufacturing, testing, delivering, and commissioning 38 units of grid-connected rooftop solar installations of 50 kW each, for three-phase 50 kW power with voltage ranging from 200V to 1,000V are all included in the scope of work of the project along with conducting a survey.

The solar module’s flaws and failures must be guaranteed by the developer for at least the first 5 years after commissioning.

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Additionally, components and accessories for the solar system, including junction boxes, cables, earthing, and module mounting structures, must also be supplied by the chosen developers.

For the tender, the work experience certificates granted by government agencies or publicly traded businesses with an average yearly turnover of at least Rs. 5 billion during the previous 3 fiscal years, would be examined.

Further, in the previous 7 years, bidders were required to have completed 3 projects of a similar nature that each cost at least 30% of the project cost, 2 similar projects that each cost at least 40% of the contract value, or one equivalent project that cost at least 60% of the project budget.

The bidding company must also have been formed at least 5 years prior to the tender closing date and should be listed on the BSE or National Stock Exchange.

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