Green Power Energy Opens 20-Megawatt Mountain Solar Power Project In Myanmar

A file photo of Green Power Energy's 20-Megawatt Mountain Solar Power Project Opens

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Green Power Energy – GE’s Build-Own-Operate (BOO) system has opened a new page for the 20 MW Taung Taukin solar power generation project to contribute to the nation’s 100% electricity availability and sustainability efforts.


The project was implemented by Green Power Energy Limited (GPE), a subsidiary of Gold Energy Company Limited (GE), a pioneer in the country’s renewable energy production sector.

The Taung Tauk Solar Power Generation Project (2021); This is the second project of the (30 MW) Solar Power Generation Project completed in Mandalay Region by Clean Power Energy (CPE), a subsidiary of Gold Energy Company Limited (GE) in December.

To the National Grid (2022) through the main power substation of Taung Taukin. Power distribution started on November 17th, and now the total amount of solar power distribution capacity of Gold Energy Co., Ltd. group is (50) megawatts, and the total power distribution capacity including drinking water hydropower project has reached (120) megawatts.

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This large project, which is built and installed with 45,980 pieces of solar panels (Photovoltaic PV-Panel) that will make the most of natural solar energy, will be able to produce 25.1 megawatts of DC and 22.9 megawatts of AC annually on 80.9 hectares of land located in Taungtao King, Myittsin Township, southeast of Kyaukse. The power will be sent to the National Grid through the main substation of Taung Tao King in Kyauk Se Township with a 33 KV power line with a distance of 69.6 km connected by GPE.

As a responsible business producing renewable energy, GPE conducted a systematic Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) based on established policies with particular emphasis on aspects of impact on communities around the project.

(20.1) meters in length around the project area to facilitate the social interests of the local community after coordination activities for the needs of the surrounding community and for smooth transportation. (2) 4.5-meter-wide overpass bridges were also built and donated during the project.

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“We are very proud and happy to have been able to successfully implement the Taung Tauk Solar Power Generation Project with a view to the good future of the country’s renewable energy sector.

As GPE, we will continue to support the infrastructure development and energy needs of the nation and the people. Since the renewable electricity distributed by the solar project and other power generation projects will be connected to the national main grid, we believe that it will also contribute to the nation’s 100 percent electricity supply sector.” U Zaw Win, former managing director of GPE, said.

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