Luminous to Build India’s First Green Solar Panel Factory in Uttarakhand


Friday’s announcement by Luminous Power Technologies was that it will build India’s first green-energy-based solar panel manufacturing plant in Uttarakhand.


According to a company statement, the new Rudrapur manufacturing plant is expected to be fully functional by the end this year.


It stated that the state-of-the art facility will be equipped using the most recent technology to design and manufacture high-quality solar panels for residential and commercial purposes.


The facility covers 4.5 million square feet (10 acres) and will be operational once it is fully functional. It will allow for a solar production capacity up to 500 MW per year, expandable to 1 GW. There will also be a range of solar panels that produce 40W to 600W of power output.


With the commencement of this factory, Luminous would establish its first facility in solar panel.

Preeti Bajaj, CEO and Managing Director, Luminous Power Technologies, said in the statement, “We are excited to announce the set up of our first solar panel facility in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand. This is a major step forward in Luminous Power Technologies’ journey towards enabling a cleaner and more sustainable future and aligns with hon’ble prime minister’s goal of being net zero by 2070.” Rajiv Ganju, Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain, Luminous Power Technologies, said that the plant has been certified as a green facility by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) and will significantly mitigate concerns around CO2 emissions, with an estimated reduction of more than 70 million tonnes per year.

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This solar panel facility is fully robotic and will use 100 per cent energy from solar power, he noted.

The facility’s annual production capacity will equal the carbon sequestration required to plant one crore trees. This will make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

Luminous Power Technologies offers innovative and sustainable energy solutions that meet India’s growing need for clean energy. The company offers a broad range of solar products, including inverters and solar panels.

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