Cyprus Agrees To Collaborate On A Study For The Construction Of Solar PV Park


Marios Pelekanos, a government spokesperson, said that the north and Cyprus have reached an agreement to collaborate on a study that could lead to the creation of a buffer zone photovoltaic park.


He confirmed the statement of the ‘presidency in the north’ published. It stated that the project’s aim is to convert solar energy to electricity, store it through batteries and then use it as needed.


“Today was a significant step in the gradual transition from fossil fuels into solar energy for electricity generation. As a result of negotiations with the United Nations, the Greek Cypriot, and the European Union, it was agreed that a preliminary study would be conducted for the construction of a 30/50MW photovoltaic park within the buffer zone. This will serve and is managed by both parties,” said the presidency statement.


According to the ‘presidency, three experts from each side will support the study, which will then be conducted by an international company that has EU funding.

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This statement also reveals the Turkish Cypriot’s desire to establish an electric interconnection with the EU via Turkey. The statement also refers to a previous proposal by the Turkish Cypriot leadership in this regard.

We value cooperation that will benefit both Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots, the island of Cyprus, and the region. “The statement concluded that the efficiency of solar energy has been achieved, which is a promising step for the future.”

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