Emmvee Gets In To a Contract with Fraunhofer ISE as Technology Partner for Its New Mega Cell Line 

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Emmvee Gets In To a Contract with Fraunhofer ISE as Technology Partner for Its New Mega Cell Line 

Emmvee Group, a global manufacturer and supplier of PV Modules, has signed a contract with Fraunhofer ISE, the largest solar research institute in Europe. The MoU appoints Fraunhofer ISE as Emmvee’s solar technology partner for its upcoming solar cell manufacturing facility near Bangalore. The collaboration aims to set up a 1.50 GW integrated Mono PERC/TOPCon cell production facility.


“Partnering with Fraunhofer ISE will help us to improve our skill, quality and efficiency and allow us to produce high quality cells and modules in the industry. This association will help us to enhance our product portfolio to develop and build new cell configurations and module sizes.” said Mr. Manjunatha, Managing Director, Emmvee. “Fraunhofer ISE’s expertise in advanced cell manufacturing technologies, complex process interactions, and profound engineering approach is as unique as Emmvee practices. We are proud to be the first Indian solar company to associate with Fraunhofer ISE. We strongly believe that this collaboration allows us to deliver the industry leading efficiency within the timelines.” said Mr. Suhas Donthi, Director, Emmvee.  

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“Emmvee and Fraunhofer ISE have mutually signed the agreement for the entire project timeline which spans over more than 36 months”, said Dr. Jochen Rentsch, Head of Department Production Technologies – Surfaces and Interfaces at Fraunhofer ISE “The project stages include technical evaluation of process equipment and consumables, training of employees in cell production, ramping up and optimization of production lines as well as a TOPCon upgrade with cell line optimization.” 


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