Draft Guidelines for Promotion of Pumped Storage Projects in India


The increasing penetration of variable and intermittent renewable energy sources (VRES) like solar and windin the Indian energy mix poses a grid-level challenge that requires incentivization of technologies that offer storage and ancillary services attributes. One such technology is Pumped Storage Projects (PSPs), which are domestically available, time tested, and internationally accepted.


PSPs not only provide storage and ancillary services but also offer a range of positive attributes. They are clean, green, safe, and non-explosive, and do not produce any harmful by-products or pose disposal problems.


Recognizing the immense utility of PSPs in grid stabilization and meeting peaking power demand, the Ministry of Power has formulated draft guidelines to promote PSPs across the country with proactive support from State Governments. The guidelines aim to set the direction of PSP development in India.


All State Governments and other stakeholders are requested to provide their comments and suggestions on the draft guidelines within 15 days of their issuance. With the proactive promotion of PSPs, India can leverage this technology to meet its energy storage and ancillary service needs while also contributing to a cleaner, greener, and safer energy future.

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View the draft PSP Guidelines:

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