UPCL Invites Bids for Evacuation of 15 MW Power Generated by Different Solar Plants in Almora


Uttarakhand Power Corporation Ltd (UPCL) Dehradun invites e-tender for Construction of 33kV line from generator’s switching station at Village-Patlibagad (Almora) to 132/33kV Substation Syalidhar for evacuation of 15 MW Power Generated by 06 no. different Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants in District-Almora – Under Package -A and Under Package -B the Construction of 33kV line from 132/33kV S/s Nani-Ranikhet upto Village-Dugura (Ranikhet) for Power Evacuation, Distt. Nainital


Bid Submission End Date is 02-Mar-2023 05:00 PM and Bid Opening Date is 03-Mar-2023 03:45 PM.


Tender Value in Rs 4,33,04,067. EMD for Package A is Rs 8.661 Lakh and Rs 3.460 Lakh for Package B and Bid Validity is 180 days.


The bidder must have valid class A Electrical Contractor license for carrying out specified work of Uttarakhand State authority. Bidder who has such license of other state may also apply, but in such case, bidder shall obtain license of Uttarakhand State authority and shall submit copy of the same to executing authority of UPCL prior to start of work.

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The bidder must have successfully executed at least 6.78 Km. line (for Package-A) and 2.60 Km. line (for Package-B) of 33kV or higher capacity on turnkey basis for any Govt. Department / SEBs /Power Sector Utilities / Govt. Undertaking during the last five (5) years as on the date of bid opening and which must be in satisfactory operation for at least one (1) year as on the date of bid opening. Bidder shall provide performance certificate for the same issued from Govt. Department / SEBs / Power Sector Utilities / Govt. Undertaking.

Further, if the bidder has been awarded any work by UPCL during last five (5) years as on the date of opening of Part-I of the tender, overall performance of the bidder should have been satisfactory and the bidder should have successfully completed the work as per respective agreement.

In order to fulfill the above qualifying conditions the bidder can form a consortium /joint venture of maximum two companies. In such cases the technical experience and the financial figures of each partner of the consortium/joint venture shall be added to determine the bidder’s compliance of the above minimum qualifying criteria. Either partner or both partners (jointly) shall comply qualification requirement set forth at point No. 1&2. Such collaboration should continue to be in operation till completion of the work/jobs and guarantee period thereafter, otherwise performance bank guarantee shall be forfeited by UPCL.

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