NEDA and UP Power Corporation Collaborate to Promote Solar-Powered Tube Wells in India


The Indian government is promoting the use of solar-powered tube wells as a cost-effective and reliable source of irrigation water, particularly in areas with frequent power cuts and rising energy prices.


The Non-Conventional Energy Development Agency (NEDA) and the UP Power Corporation have joined forces to provide solar equipment to grid-connected agricultural tube wells.


Farmers who contribute excess energy to the grid will be compensated for the first time, and the state government will provide free maintenance for the first five years following installation. A 25-year warranty would be provided for solar panels made by NEDA.


The program is expected to continue until the 2026-2027 fiscal year. Farmers from scheduled castes and tribes, as well as Mushahar and Bantania communities, will receive a 100% subsidy for the solar equipment, while general and backward communities will receive a 90% subsidy.


The cost of the solar system, which includes panels, net metering equipment, and structure, is approximately Rs 65,000 per kilowatt. This program is expected to help farmers save on electricity costs and increase their income by selling excess energy.

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