SolaX Empowers India’s Green Future With Advanced New Products

SolaX Empowers India's Green Future with Advanced New Products

SolaX Power, a well-known manufacturer of PV inverters, held a noteworthy New Product Launch in India, introducing its latest residential grid-tied inverters, X1-BOOST G4 and X1-MINI G4, targeting the country’s fast-growing solar market.


On March 3, SolaX’s New Product Launch event, hosted in Gujarat, was attended by distinguished partners of SolaX and many other industry professionals. Together with SolaX local team, they witnessed the official launch of SolaX new X1-BOOST G4 2.5-6.0kW and X1-MINI G4 0.6-3.3kW in India.


The two products, X1-BOOST G4 and X1-MINI G4, boast a sleek new look and are ideal for residential use. X1-BOOST G4 boasts two MPPT channels with a voltage range of 40-560V, ensuring high yield efficiency. X1-MINI G4, on the other hand, is lightweight and
compact, weighing only 5.2kg and measuring 297 x 206 x 120mm (width, height, depth), making it smaller than an A4 sheet of paper.


Both of these new products have a built-in global MPP scan and support 200% oversizing DC input, making them adaptable to the high-power modules currently available in the market. Their maximum input current per MPPT is upgraded from 14A to 16A. Besides, the 50V ultra-low startup voltage extends their on-grid power generation time to produce more electricity steadily and efficiently.

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Speaking at the launch event, Mr. Vipin, Country Manager of SolaX India, highlighted SolaX’s commitment to the Indian market and its goal of providing high-quality solar solutions to Indian consumers. “We are excited to launch our latest residential on-grid inverters in India, and we are confident that they will help to accelerate the adoption of solar energy in the country.” he said.

SolaX’s New Product Launch event in India was an impressive showcase of its unwavering dedication to providing innovative and sustainable energy solutions that meet the evolving needs of the Indian market. With the launch of X1-BOOST G4 and X1-MINI G4, SolaX is well-positioned to capitalize on the surging demand for solar energy solutions in the country.

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