India’s Solar Power Capacity Reaches 64.38 GW, Wind Crosses 42 GW Mark


India’s solar power capacity has reached 64,380.68 MW as of February 2023, according to data from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). The country’s wind power capacity has also crossed the 42,015.38 MW mark, indicating significant progress in the adoption of renewable energy sources.


The MNRE report also highlights that the total installed renewable energy capacity in India has now surpassed the 122 GW mark. Of this, solar power accounts for the largest share, followed by wind power and bio-power. In terms of states, the report shows that Rajasthan leads the country in total renewable energy capacity, followed by Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.


India has set an ambitious target of achieving 175 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2022, of which 100 GW is to be contributed by solar power. While there have been challenges in meeting these targets, the MNRE report suggests that significant progress has been made, and the country is on track to achieve its renewable energy goals.

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The Indian government has introduced several initiatives to promote the adoption of renewable energy sources, including policies to encourage the development of solar parks and the implementation of net metering for rooftop solar installations. The government has also launched various schemes to support the installation of solar panels in public buildings, agricultural fields, and other areas.


India’s progress in renewable energy adoption is crucial for the country’s sustainable development and efforts to combat climate change. The country’s growing population and energy demands make the shift towards renewable energy sources even more important, and the MNRE report highlights that India is moving in the right direction towards achieving its renewable energy targets.

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