EDAMA With Yellow Door Energy Launches DAW Project To Create Job Opportunities Through Solar Training In Jordan

A file photo of EDAMA With Yellow Door Energy Launches DAW Project To Create Job Opportunities Through Solar Training In Jordan

A partnership agreement was signed between EDAMA Energy, Water, and Environment, represented by the Chairman of EDAMA Board of Directors, Dr. Duraid Mahasneh, and Yellow Door Energy Limited Jordan, represented by the Director of the Jordan Office, Eng. Tariq Murad to announce the beginning of project “DAW” project, which aims to raise job opportunities in the less fortunate Jordanian regions through training on the installation and maintenance of photovoltaic cells.


In its pilot phase, the project targets the youth of the Mafraq region, where the project aims to qualify 20 trainees of the age group between 18-24 years, highlighting the inclusion of females in the program by 20% by providing them with scientific, practical, and technical skills to learn how to install and maintain photovoltaic cells.


Project Daw is funded by Actis Acts, a foundation by Actis, which supports charitable activities that create a positive and sustainable impact on communities. Actis is a majority shareholder of Yellow Door Energy, and the project addresses the youth employment challenge in Jordan, where Yellow Door Energy has over 80 megawatts of operating solar projects.

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The project includes four main axes, starting with training and continuous qualification for an intensive period of three months, where the trainees obtain certificates confirming that they have passed the practical requirements that enable them to work in the installation and maintenance of photovoltaic cells. The training follows the selection of volunteers from the program to start installing photovoltaic cells with a capacity of 20 kilowatts in a community center, which will be selected later, according to specific criteria. Yellow Door Energy will provide maintenance and technical support for a period of one year from the date of completion of the project.


Subsequently, Yellow Door Energy will implement a mentoring program to help young people find job opportunities in the field of installing and maintaining photovoltaic cells by connecting the trainees with specialized and experienced mentors from the company.

On this occasion, Dr. Duraid Mahasneh emphasized “the importance of such projects, which come as part of the social responsibility initiatives in private companies and their role in advancing the green economy to move forward, which contributes to raising Jordan’s contribution to the development of the green sector and the creation of job opportunities for our youth.”

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Eng. Tariq Murad expressed his deep gratitude by saying, “Project DAW is Yellow Door Energy’s first official CSR initiative and we are humbled to start this meaningful project in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. This project contributes to Jordan’s economic modernization vision, specifically the pillars of creating sustainable and inclusive economic growth, and by applying sustainability principles to economic growth. As the leading solar developer in the Kingdom, we have a responsibility and a duty to give back to the communities in which we operate.”

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