Amp Energy India Expands its Footprint in Gujarat with 172 MWp Wind-Solar Hybrid Projects

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Amp Energy India has become a trusted partner in the renewable energy sector for Corporates in Gujarat, with two large-scale, state-of-the-art Wind-solar hybrid open access projects. These projects have a cumulative capacity of 112 MWp and are designed to expand to 172 MWp with the establishment of a third hybrid open access project in the state.


The company’s focus is to help more than 18 marquee C&I customers save up to 40% on their energy costs while also meeting their renewable energy targets. The establishment of these projects has enabled the company to enhance its presence in the renewable energy sector in Gujarat.

The company is looking to expand its footprint by adding another 60 MWp in the state, furthering its commitment to providing sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions to businesses in the region. The projects established by Amp Energy India are designed to promote the adoption of renewable energy sources and to help businesses meet their sustainability goals while also reducing their dependence on non-renewable energy sources. The company’s efforts have contributed significantly to creating a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape in Gujarat.


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