SirajPower And Green Coast Real Estate Partner To Install Solar Rooftop And Carport System At Umm Ramool Facility


SirajPower and Green Coast Real Estate have partnered up once again to install a solar rooftop and carport system at Green Coast Real Estate’s Umm Ramool facility.


The multi-year lease agreement aims to promote sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint of the property. The Umm Ramool facility will feature offices, commercial spaces, and warehouses of various sizes, all crafted with a sustainable approach to achieving a LEED certificate.

In addition to the solar rooftop installation, the building will also boast electric car parking spaces and smart energy systems. SirajPower will provide end-to-end services, from design to financing, long-term operations, and maintenance of the solar rooftop and carport system.


The collaboration between SirajPower and Green Coast Real Estate is expected to achieve sustainable energy solutions for the region.


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