Ilocos Norte Government Offices To Be Powered By Solar Panels

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Solar panels are being retrofitted into at least six government offices in Ilocos Norte, the Philippines to reduce electricity consumption and to support the environment.


The PNOCRC or Philippine National Oil Company Renewable Corporation will help the province to begin the roofing project on the Capitol Building, Dapayan Commercial Building and the Governor Roque B. Ablan Sr. Provincial Hospital, as well as the district hospitals of Dingras, Bangui, and Marcos.

After an energy audit was conducted at various local government units, Pedro Lite Jr. said that the Ilocos Norte Government will need around PHP45 million to implement a solar project which has a peak capacity of 470 kilowatts.


Solar power is expected to lower the cost of electricity by 40% in the province, as the generated power will be sent to the Ilocos Norte Electric Cooperative.


The “Solar Energy in National Government Offices Act”, was filed by Ferdinand Alexander Sandro, 1st District Representative of Ilocos Norte.

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In the first year following the effective date of the measure, solar energy systems must be installed to supply at least 10% of the electricity requirements of government agencies for their buildings or offices.

The bill stated that Solar energy usage shall be increased for five consecutive years. At this time, the existing solar systems should have the capability to provide 50% of the power needs of government agencies.

The Ilocos Norte Electric Cooperative stated that despite the presence of wind and solar energy farms, local households still heavily depend on coal-fired plants. Renewable energy sources such as solar, hydroelectric, wind and geothermal only generate around 20% of the nation’s electricity supply.

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