Nesma Infrastructure & Technology Awarded Contract For Construction Of 115kV Transmission Line In Saudi Arabia

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Nesma Infrastructure & Technology has announced it has been awarded a contract by National Grid for the construction of a 115kV overhead transmission line between Ain Dar & Abqaiq. The 40-kilometer-long overhead line will span more than 30 miles.


The SAR 68-million project is expected to be finished in three phases and will involve the construction of 125 telescoping towers. This is an important development for Saudi Arabia’s power transmission industry.

Construction of the transmission line between Ain Dar, and Abqaiq will result in a more reliable connection. This will improve the overall efficiency of the electric transmission network of the region.


According to NIT, this project will provide customers with reliable electricity.


The project is expected to be completed in 25 months and will play an important role in the development and growth of the power sector of the country.

Saudi Arabia’s new transmission line is an important development in the power sector. The project, which will improve the efficiency of the transmission network and provide a reliable supply for customers in the region, will play an important role in supporting Saudi Arabia’s growth in the power sector and its transition into a more diverse economy.

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Saudi Arabia’s energy consumption has increased significantly in recent years due to population growth and economic expansion. The kingdom has invested heavily in its energy infrastructure to meet the growing demand.

This new transmission line is in line with this strategy and will be an important enabler for the growth of the power sector.

The project is of particular importance, given that the country has been working to diversify its economic base and lessen its dependence on oil exports.

Saudi Arabia invests heavily in renewable projects such as solar, wind and hydro, which require major improvements to the transmission network.

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