LONGi Launches Solar Academy for Middle East Distribution and C&I


Unleash Your Potential: Become a Solar Expert with LONGi Solar Academy


LONGi is delighted to announce the ‎launch of the Solar Academy for Middle East Distribution and C&I, an all-encompassing training program specifically ‎designed to equip sales engineers, installers and personnel from EPC companies with the knowledge and ‎skills needed to excel in the field of solar energy. With the motto “Everyone is Potential to be a ‎Solar Expert!”, the Solar Academy embodies our commitment to delivering accessible and ‎tailored training to support Middle East companies with the knowledge, skills, and full understanding of ‎solar technologies and LONGi technologies.‎

The first week of training session started today in Dubai with teams from LONGi’ s distribution partners, Power n Sun, AGS and Nanosun. The attendees expressed their highly appreciation for the knowledge LONGi is providing to them about the latest updates of the solar technologies and especially LONGi cell and module technologies.


The curriculum of the LONGi Solar Academy encompasses a wide range of topics aimed at providing a ‎comprehensive understanding of solar energy, including Solar Knowledge and Site Audits, as ‎well as personalized training sessions to ensure the seamless integration of solar technology. ‎Moreover, the program features e-learning options, enabling trainees to study at their own pace ‎to prepare for the test from anywhere in the world.‎

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Furthermore, the Solar Academy offers Joint Certification in collaboration with local authorities, ‎granting participants recognized credentials that bolster their expertise in the realm of solar ‎energy. This certification serves as a valuable asset for individuals seeking a career in the ‎renewable energy sector.‎

Through the LONGi Solar Academy, we aspire to educate and empower individuals and ‎organizations to transition to solar energy and contribute to the advancement of a sustainable ‎future for the Middle East Distribution solar market. The Solar Academy welcomes individuals of all experience levels and endeavours to ‎foster a community of solar enthusiasts who can exchange knowledge and expertise with one ‎another.‎

LONGi believes in empowering individuals with the ‎knowledge and tools to make a positive impact on the environment and advance their careers ‎simultaneously. Join the Solar Academy today and discover how harnessing the potential of ‎solar energy can propel your professional journey forward.

For more information on the Solar ‎Academy and enrolment details, please visit the LONGi website.‎

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