UPNEDA Invites Bids for Operation and Maintenance of Mini-Grid and DDG Solar Power Plants in Uttar Pradesh

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Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency (UPNEDA) has issued a tender document seeking bids for the operation and maintenance of mini-grid and DDG solar power plants across various districts in the state. The tender aims to develop a revenue-sharing model to outsource the operation, maintenance, and management of these renewable energy facilities.


Under the proposed model, private entities can operate and maintain the solar power plants based on a self-sustainable business model and revenue-sharing arrangement with UPNEDA. The generated power from these solar panels can be sold to local residents for household use, including education and other essential services, as well as to MSME customers for their small-scale businesses and farmers for irrigation purposes.

The scope of work includes taking over existing sites and equipment, utilizing the premises and equipment during the agreed tenure, and managing the operation and maintenance of the facilities. The tenure for the right to use the premises will initially be 20 years, subject to review by UPNEDA every five years. The charges for the right to use will be based on a per-kilowatt, per-month basis for the solar power plants.

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Bidders will have the responsibility to replace or augment equipment as needed and ensure the seamless functioning of the facilities. They will also have the opportunity to serve new customers and bring financial viability to the sites through mutually agreed tariffs.


Interested bidders are required to submit their technical and financial proposals, along with the requisite earnest money deposit, to UPNEDA by May 22, 2023. The technical bid opening will take place on May 23, 2023.

This tender is expected to not only enhance the renewable energy sector in Uttar Pradesh but also contribute to the economic development of the respective geographical areas and generate employment opportunities in the MSME sectors.

View the tender document here:

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