Petrojet And HUAWEI IT Egypt Sign Cooperation Agreement For Sustainable Energy Field

A file photo of Petrojet and HUAWEI IT Egypt Sign Cooperation Agreement for Sustainable Energy Field

Petrojet signed a cooperation agreement with HUAWEI IT Egypt for cooperation in the sustainable energy field in accordance with Egypt’s Sustainable Energy Strategy 2035


The protocol was signed between Eng. Waleed Lotfi, Petrojet’s CEO and Jim Liu, HUAWEI Egypt CEO.

The agreement is about cooperation between the 2 parties in the existing & future projects in the petroleum sector and outside its borders using the newest technologies in Huawei in storing solar energy in order to increase energy quality, decrease costs and dependence on diesel & decrease carbon emissions.


The cooperation includes using machines that work with the newest solar energy systems which use electric light energy in operating machines and control systems in the Oil & Gas facilities like pipelines and wellheads in addition to the construction of high-quality eco-friendly data centres to save energy consumption

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