Silal Partners With Desolenator For Solar-Powered Desalination Pilot Project

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Silal has teamed up with Desolenator, a solar thermal desalination company based in the Netherlands, to launch a pilot initiative that utilizes solar-powered desalination technology. The project aims to produce pure water for irrigation and provide a sustainable cooling solution for greenhouses.


With its zero environmental impact, this unique project aims to contribute to the decarbonization of food production in arid regions by significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with desalination processes.

The project is supported by an AED100 million research and development fund initiated in 2022 by ADQ, an investment and holding company based in Abu Dhabi. The fund is part of Growth Lab, a community of innovators within ADQ’s portfolio, which reflects the company’s commitment to accelerating innovation and research and development. The focus is on unlocking growth opportunities, driving value creation, and promoting sustainability across key sectors of the UAE’s economy.


The project aims to showcase how collaborative partnerships can address the water-food-energy nexus and establish a model for sustainable agriculture that can be adopted by countries worldwide. It represents a paradigm shift in addressing the critical water-food-energy nexus and serves as a testament to the potential of collaborative innovation in advancing global sustainable development goals.

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