Vaisala Unveils Industry-Leading Weather Station for Optimal Performance of Solar Power Plants


Experience the power of Vaisala’s AWS810 Solar Edition, an advanced Automatic Weather Station designed to deliver comprehensive weather and solar irradiation measurements. With its cutting-edge capabilities, this state-of-the-art weather station provides unparalleled insights to optimize every stage of your solar power plant’s life cycle.


Vaisala, a renowned global leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements, has officially released the highly anticipated AWS810 Solar Edition. This Automatic Weather Station, fully compliant with IEC standards, revolutionizes the industry by offering a comprehensive solution for measuring solar irradiance and crucial weather parameters. With the added benefit of optional advanced analytics and digital insights, solar power plants can now maximize their performance and operational efficiency like never before.

The AWS810 Solar Edition is a highly dependable and precise weather station that offers unparalleled flexibility and intelligence. Its adaptable configuration ensures seamless integration with future requirements. Designed with ruggedness in mind, this purpose-built weather station instills trust throughout the entire operational lifespan of a solar plant.


Davy Theophile, Vaisala’s Head of Renewable Energy, expressed the powerful capabilities of the AWS810 Solar Edition, stating, “With its 360-degree, always-on monitoring and analytic features, coupled with its modular design, this weather station provides robust and scalable performance to optimize operations throughout the solar power plant’s entire life cycle – from development to operations and beyond.” Theophile emphasized that this groundbreaking solution enables customers to overcome renewable energy challenges effectively and sustainably, solidifying Vaisala’s position as the trusted partner in navigating the journey to efficiently fuel the planet.

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The Vaisala AWS810 Solar Edition offers a range of exclusive advantages, such as:

Unmatched accuracy and continuous sensor data: With the AWS810 Solar Edition, you can rely on the most precise and always-on measurements of global, diffuse, and reflected solar irradiation, along with essential weather parameters like wind speed, wind direction, ambient and PV module temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure.

Significant cost savings across the life cycle: Designed to comply with the rugged IEC 61724-1:2021 standards, this weather station minimizes life cycle costs. It enables remote diagnostics, easy deployment, and user-friendly operation, resulting in reduced resource requirements for setup, maintenance, and operation throughout the entire lifespan of the solar power plant.

Streamlined Operations and Maintenance: The AWS810 Solar Edition simplifies operations and maintenance with its seamless self-diagnostic capabilities and network sensor monitoring. Users can effortlessly manage and control networks remotely, ensuring smooth operations. Additionally, the solution incorporates comprehensive built-in data validation, enhancing data quality and optimizing maintenance efficiency. With end-to-end network management security, the AWS810 Solar Edition provides a robust and secure solution for hassle-free monitoring and maintenance.

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Limitless scalability and seamless integration: The AWS810 Solar Edition offers unmatched scalability and effortless integration. Its future-ready and modular design enables easy expansion to cater to the unique requirements of any solar power plant. The weather station seamlessly integrates with SCADA systems and cloud-based asset management platforms, ensuring smooth data connectivity. With this advanced solution, solar power plants can enjoy unlimited scalability and effortless integration for enhanced operational efficiency and data management.

Comprehensive insights across the solar power plant’s life cycle: The AWS810 Solar Edition goes above and beyond by offering optional analytics and valuable insights derived from historical satellite-derived solar data, real-time lightning data, and solar energy forecasts. With these critical tools, users gain valuable information throughout the entire life cycle of their solar power plant, optimizing performance and efficiency.

With a rich legacy of over 85 years in scientific innovation for weather and environmental measurements, Vaisala is dedicated to supporting global adaptation to the challenges of climate change. As the need for increased renewable energy production grows, Vaisala stands out as a leader in delivering breakthrough solutions. By providing optimization capabilities at every stage of the renewable energy life cycle, Vaisala empowers the world to meet the growing demand for sustainable energy production.

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To learn more about how Vaisala’s AWS810 Solar Edition monitors weather impact to optimize solar power plant performance, please visit’s product page. There, you can find detailed information about the advanced features and capabilities of this state-of-the-art Automatic Weather Station.

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