CWP Global and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) Invest in Ultra-Large-Scale Green Hydrogen Hubs Across Africa and Beyond

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CWP Global and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) have recently concluded a strategic investment deal, marking CIP’s acquisition of a 26.67% stake in CWP’s development platform for ultra-large-scale green hydrogen hubs. The investment encompasses CWP’s pipeline of green hydrogen projects across Africa, Australia, and the Americas.


The collaboration combines CWP’s extensive expertise in utility-scale renewables projects, built over two decades, with CIP’s financing and development capabilities in large-scale green transition infrastructure. CIP’s participation in the emerging green hydrogen sector, as one of the world’s major renewable energy infrastructure investors, demonstrates their confidence in the future of green hydrogen.


Industry experts predict a significant increase in demand for green hydrogen in the coming years. Various scenarios proposed by renowned organizations such as the IPCC, IEA, IRENA, and the Energy Transitions Commission emphasize the vital role of green hydrogen in achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 or earlier. It is considered a crucial solution for decarbonizing energy-intensive sectors like mining, steel and fertilizer production, as well as long-range transportation, including maritime shipping.

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The IEA-led Breakthrough Agenda Report of 2022 highlights the necessity of scaling up investment in renewable and low-carbon hydrogen production. The aim is to meet emission reduction targets outlined in the Paris Agreement, requiring the supply of green hydrogen to increase from less than 1 Mt in 2020 to 140-155 Mt by 2030. Against this backdrop, CIP’s investment in CWP’s green hydrogen hub portfolio signifies a significant step toward achieving these ambitious goals.

Overall, the partnership between CWP and CIP demonstrates a shared commitment to advancing the green hydrogen sector, as well as addressing the global challenge of reducing carbon emissions. The investment positions both companies at the forefront of the evolving green hydrogen market, poised to contribute to the decarbonization of key industries and facilitate the transition to a sustainable energy future.

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