Iran’s Yazd Province Reaches 100 MW Solar Power Milestone

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Yazd Province in Iran has achieved a significant milestone in its clean energy transition as the solar power production capacity reaches 100 megawatts. The managing director of Yazd Regional Electricity Company announced the completion of a new 10-megawatt solar farm in Saghand Rural District, Ardakan County, which has contributed to the province’s photovoltaic capacity reaching the 100 MW mark.


With a maximum electricity generation capacity of approximately 2,800 MW, Yazd Province has been making strides in renewable energy adoption. Last year, peak electricity demand in the region reached 2,050 MW in July. The increase in solar power capacity is a crucial step for Iran in reducing its dependence on fossil fuels and improving the environment.

Abolfazl Asadi, the managing director of Yazd Regional Electricity Company, expressed his satisfaction with the achievement, emphasizing the positive impact it will have. He stated that the milestone will help the province reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and contribute to environmental improvements.

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The recently completed solar power project in Saghand Rural District is expected to generate enough electricity to power approximately 10,000 households, significantly enhancing access to clean energy in the area. Moreover, the project is anticipated to create job opportunities for the local population, boosting the regional economy.

The successful completion of the solar power project in Saghand Rural District represents a major milestone in Yazd Province’s journey towards a cleaner energy future. The province’s commitment to expanding its solar power production capacity aligns with Iran’s broader goals of transitioning to sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sources. This achievement not only facilitates a greener energy landscape but also fosters economic growth and job creation within the local community.

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