Syria’s Sargaya Town Witnesses Construction Of Two Solar Power Plants

Representational image. Credit: Canva

In a positive stride toward sustainable energy, the town of Sargaya in Syria is witnessing the construction of two solar power plants set to transform the local electricity landscape.


The Syrian Ministry of Electricity is leading the development of a 100 kW solar power plant, scheduled for completion in 2023. This project aims to generate sufficient electricity to power around 100 homes, providing a reliable and eco-friendly energy source for residents.

Simultaneously, a private company is building a 50 kW solar power plant in Sargaya, slated to be operational by 2024. Once completed, this plant will produce enough electricity to meet the needs of approximately 50 homes, contributing to the town’s sustainable energy infrastructure.


Both projects are part of the Syrian government’s wider commitment to increasing solar energy adoption across the country. With a target to generate 10% of electricity from solar power by 2030, these initiatives mark significant progress toward achieving that goal.

The 100 kW solar power plant is being constructed on a 2-hectare plot of land, utilizing solar panels to generate electricity. The energy will be stored in batteries, ensuring a stable power supply for residential and commercial properties in Sargaya.

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On a separate 1-hectare plot of land, the 50 kW solar power plant will also employ solar panels, but with electricity fed directly into the local power grid. This setup will enable all residents of Sargaya to benefit from the clean energy generated.

Funding for these solar projects comes from a combination of government investment and private financing. By involving both stakeholders, the initiatives not only contribute to reducing reliance on imported fossil fuels but also stimulate the local economy and create employment opportunities for the community.

The completion of these two solar power plants signifies a significant milestone for Sargaya and Syria at large. These projects exemplify the government’s commitment to sustainable energy development, making strides towards a greener and more self-sufficient future for the country.

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