Arctech Made Its First Foray into Israel with 11.457 MW Solar Tracking Solution


Arctech, the world’s leading solar tracking, racking, and BIPV provider, is poised to provide 11.457 MW SkyLine II solar tracking solution for Nextcom Ltd to a project in Kisufim, Israel, marking the company’s first solar tracking project in the country and another milestone in the Middle East market.


Israel is rapidly promoting renewable energy, with the government setting a renewable energy target of 30% by 2030 – roughly equivalent to the construction of approximately 12 GW of solar plants, which is the main renewable energy source developed by this sunny country.

The photovoltaic resources in the Middle East are excellent, and the solar radiation energy is very high in almost all regions. The total annual solar radiation in the UAE is 7920 MJ/m2, and the technical exploitation amount is about 2708 TWh. The total annual solar radiation in Israel is 8640 MJ/m2, and the technical exploitation amount is about 318 TWh. The total annual solar radiation in Jordan is about 9720 MJ/m2, and the technical exploitation amount is about 6434 TWh. Photovoltaic technology is undoubtedly the most suitable renewable energy for the Middle East.

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According to the Middle East Solar Industry Association (MESIA), the current value of the photovoltaic market in the MENA region is approximately $20 billion. The latest report from APRICORP shows that by 2030, the value of the MENA region’s photovoltaic market sector will reach the trillion-dollar level.

Arctech has a series of trackable project portfolios in the Middle East including the IBRI II 607MW project in Oman and the 2.1 GW Al Dhafra PV2 project in Abu Dhabi among others, the company has established branches in Saudi Arabia and The United Arab Emirates to deepen localization and offer white-glove services to regional clients.

Arctech has partnered with global original OEMs to enhance its global supply chain diversification. In this project, Arctech utilized the closest supply chain resources to supply products to meet the customer’s delivery time.

The smooth progress of the project has familiarized Arctech with the Israeli market and equipped it with the ability to design products that comply with local policies. At the exhibition Intersolar Europe 2023 in June, Arctech has met with a large number of Israeli clients, including Enlight and C-nergia. We believe Arctech will negotiate more and more Israeli projects in the future.

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