Trina Solar’s Vertex N Module Passes RETC Thresher Test with Flying Colors


RETC, based in Fremont, California, tests industry-leading module technology and provides the industry with data that helps stakeholders and developers choose high-quality modules. RETC’s thresher test is two to three times more rigorous than that of the IEC standard. The test modules were randomly selected among ntype modules from Trina Solar’s base in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, for PID, LeTID resistance, DH, SDML composite load, and TC600 thermal cycle tests. 


Trina Solar’s Vertex N modules performed exceptionally well, particularly for PID, LeTID, and DH2000. RETC’s PID test is twice as rigorous as that of IEC. Trina Solar’s two testing modules have just -0.59% and -0.53% degradation. Vertex N modules show degradation of just -0.87% and -0.96% in RETC’s DH2000 test, which indicates a duration of exposure of 2,000 hours – twice the duration typically required for product certification. After the LeTID test involving exposure to 75℃ for three 162-hour cycles, Vertex N modules produce degradation of -0.09% and -0.17%.

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The Vertex N module has a power output of up to 700W. This module, which combines i-TOPCon Advanced technology and 210mm technology, in addition to lower degradation increases bifaciality to 80% and delivers higher efficiency and better energy yield, maximizing customer value with lower LCOE.


At the SNEC PV Power Expo in Shanghai in May, Cherif Kedir, CEO and President of RETC, visited Trina Solar’s booth. He congratulated the company on the outstanding performance of its Vertex N module and said it is one of the best products RETC has tested in recent years.

Cherif Kedir, CEO & President of RETC, speaks highly of Trina Solar’s Vertex N modules

Thanks to high-quality modules, advanced technology, excellent service, and high bankability, Trina Solar has become a highly trusted supplier to customers worldwide. The company has received a 100% bankability rating seven years in a row from BNEF, has been named a Top Performer for nine consecutive years by PVEL, and has been given a AAA rating, the highest, for four consecutive quarters in the PV Tech Module Tech Bankability Ratings report.

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