Solar Power May Break Through the Electricity Bottleneck as Vietnam is Suffering its Worst Power Shortage


The continuously refreshing temperature records have left Vietnam in a severe power shortage since May, according to authoritative media. The prolonged high temperature exacerbates coal shortages, depleted reservoirs, and failure of old power plants. As a result, industrial parks and households are experiencing rolling blackouts and extended power outages.


Blackouts make solar power an important part of Vietnam’s electricity supply

Vietnam is regarded as an upcoming “world factory” with a well-developed domestic manufacturing industry. But the power cuts have hit Vietnam’s manufacturing industry hard, especially those industrial parks in the northern region. Manufacturers have further suffered exports due to power shortages at a time when demand from the United States and the European Union has dwindled. As a result, manufacturers urgently need to seek energy alternatives.


Aiming at promoting global carbon neutrality and alleviating domestic power shortages, solar power is becoming an important source of electricity supply. According to Vietnam’s Power Development Plan VIII (PDP 8) was approved by Vietnam’s Prime Minister, PDP 8 continues to strongly support renewable energy development and plans to develop 300MW in energy storage projects.

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Meanwhile, rooftop solar is prioritized to be generated for self-consumption with a capacity of approximately 10,355 MW by 2030, producing roughly 15.5 billion kWh. The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam (MOIT) stressed that by 2030, Vietnam will install rooftop solar on half of all office buildings and residential roofs (power for self-use only). Solar power begins to underscore its importance.

Sungrows C&I and residential solar solutions keep you away from power cuts

“We continue to make technological innovations to bring solar power to the world. As a global leading inverter and energy storage systems solutions supplier, Sungrow has rich experience in utility-scale, C&I, and residential solar projects. According to the unique situation of Vietnam, we have comprehensive and professional residential and C&I solutions, which can guarantee the smooth power consumption of C&I parks and households in Vietnam, to better accelerate the local energy transition,” said Tuan Nguyen, Country Manager of Sungrow Vietnam.

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The C&I solution supplied by Sungrow includes the SG125CX-P2 inverter and the PowerStack energy storage system, which has the most advanced technology applied worldwide. The solution boasts high efficiency, safety, and reliability. Further, users can quickly realize remote monitoring and O&M management of the entire system through iSolarCloud (a mobile application). More importantly, the application of energy storage makes it possible to provide a stable power supply in industrial and commercial parks, effectively reducing power outage losses and ensuring goods production.

For residential projects, Sungrow also offers inverters and batteries, which can perfectly cover different housing and consumer needs. This solution provides independent and powerful backups with more electricity generation and storage so that residents will not worry about power cuts.

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