Fraunhofer ISE Restructures to Drive Sustainable Energy Solutions and System Integration

To better align and network within and across its research and development services on an interdisciplinary basis, Fraunhofer ISE is reorganizing its competencies as of July 2023 © Fraunhofer ISE

Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, Europe’s largest solar research institute, is undergoing a reorganization to better address the challenges of the energy transition and foster interdisciplinary collaboration. With a focus on providing sustainable and climate-neutral energy solutions, the institute will divide its competencies into four divisions: “Photovoltaics,” “Power Solutions,” “Heat and Buildings,” and “Hydrogen Technologies.” In addition, a new cross-disciplinary research area called “System Integration” will be established.


The reorganization reflects the increasing importance of sector integration and systemic approaches in the energy transition. By regrouping its competencies, Fraunhofer ISE aims to facilitate a more cooperative and interdisciplinary working environment to develop solutions for a sustainable energy supply.

Under the new organizational structure, each division will be led by experienced researchers in their respective fields. This includes “Photovoltaics” under the direction of Prof. Dr. Stefan Glunz and PD Dr. Ralf Preu, “Power Solutions” under Dr. Harry Wirth, “Heat and Buildings” under Dr. Peter Schossig, and “Hydrogen Technologies” under Prof. Dr. Christopher Hebling. The areas of solar cell research, module development, power electronics, and battery storage technologies will be more closely integrated to enhance collaboration.

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To address systemic questions and develop comprehensive solutions for sustainable energy systems, the research area of “System Integration” will be established and led by Prof. Dr. Christof Wittwer. This new area will leverage the expertise of the four divisions, focusing on technological advancements and system implementation in collaboration with commercial property operators and industrial companies.

The reorganization is aimed at fostering innovation, promoting knowledge sharing, and accelerating the development of sustainable energy solutions. Fraunhofer ISE’s new organizational structure will enable researchers to work collaboratively and provide the necessary expertise to drive the energy transition forward.

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