LONGi’s ‘Green Electricity’ + ‘Green Hydrogen’ Program to Accelerate Egypt’s 2035 Sustainable Energy Goal


Recently, Mr. James Jin, President of LONGi Green Energy MEA Region, visited Dr. Mohamed Shaker, Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy of Egypt, in Cairo. During the meeting, Dr. Shaker spoke highly of the outstanding cooperation between China and Egypt in the field of electricity and renewable energy. He warmly welcomed more constructive collaboration and anticipated fruitful results from Chinese companies operating in the renewable energy sector in Egypt.


Dr. Mohamed Shaker emphasized that Egypt is blessed with abundant natural resources, including more sunshine and wind than many other regions worldwide. To fully harness this potential and expedite the green transformation of the energy structure in the region, Egypt’s national strategy aims to achieve a remarkable 42% proportion of renewable energy in its energy mix by 2035. Currently, the Egyptian government seeks to advance this target to 2030.

He further highlighted that during COP27 last year, Egypt, along with several international companies, signed nine framework agreements on green hydrogen projects. The objective is to establish Egypt’s green hydrogen energy export channel swiftly, enabling the sharing of its rich renewable energy resources with more EU countries.

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Simultaneously, Egypt plans to enhance grid interconnection with European nations, facilitating the optimal development and utilization of its own renewable energy resources. These measures signify Egypt’s strong commitment to sustainable energy practices and strengthening cooperation with global partners in achieving a greener future.

James expressed that LONGi Green Energy is honored to be part of Egypt’s energy structure transformation program. Throughout the years, LONGi Green Energy has consistently focused on scientific and technological innovation, establishing five business segments: monocrystalline silicon wafers, cells & modules, industrial and commercial Solar PV solutions, Utility Solar PV solutions, and hydrogen energy equipment. This has enabled the company to offer a comprehensive “green electricity” + “green hydrogen” product and solution capability, contributing to global zero-carbon development.

As a leading green energy technology company globally, LONGi Green Energy is committed to actively participating in Egypt’s “green electricity” + “green hydrogen” initiative. By providing advanced technology and product solutions, LONGi aims to support Egypt in accelerating its energy structure transformation. The company is dedicated to contributing its wisdom and strength to further Egypt’s progress towards sustainable energy and a greener future.

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