Indonesia’s Ministry Of Energy And Mineral Resources Advances Clean Energy With Rooftop Solar Power Plant Handover

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The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) of Indonesia recently marked a significant milestone in promoting clean energy utilization by transferring the status of a Rooftop Solar Power Plant (PLTS) to a State-Owned Agency. The handover, valued at IDR 2,222,468,882, took place at the Ministry of Finance building in Jakarta.


Sumartono, Head of the BMN Management Center, emphasized Indonesia’s abundant solar energy potential due to its equatorial location, making solar energy a highly promising resource for the nation. The ministry, as a leading sector in national energy management, is committed to fulfilling the mandate of the National Energy General Plan, including promoting the use of PLTS in government, commercial, and industrial sectors.

The construction of the Rooftop PLTS at the Ministry of Finance building aligns with the clean energy use program and signifies the administrative and legal transition of BMN use status. This initiative aims to enhance accountability in state property management within the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

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Sumartono highlighted that the handover of EBTKE infrastructure to the Ministry of Finance is part of the government’s efforts to accelerate the development and utilization of renewable energy in the country. Indonesia is presently entering an energy transition period, with a vision of achieving clean and sustainable energy up to 2060.

The signing of the Minutes of Handover (BAST) marks the culmination of a meticulous process that began with an application for assistance in constructing the Rooftop PLTS within the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources agreed to build PLTS on three Ministry of Finance buildings as part of this initiative, further promoting the utilization of renewable energy in the regions.

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